STAGESIX is intended to function primarily as a resource site for teachers of and students in Stage 6 Visual Arts courses in NSW. However, content that relates to Professional Development, Educational Philosophy and the use of Adobe products is intended for the broader educational community.

This is not entirely a new initiative, rather, it is in part a regrouping of content from three older sites and consolidating that information into the one space. As a logical extension of the R.E.W.I.R.E. project STAGESIX will be  a focused repository of Case Studies, Frames, Conceptual Framework, Practice analysis, exam strategies and content related to Adobe products etc.

In reading some of the Case Study or Stage 6 analysis content you will notice that posts are sometimes derived from class discussions have been either reproduced as a recount, recollection or otherwise and should be read and interpreted in that spirit.

Posts as ‘Case Studies’ will whenever possible follow a prescribed format that can be integrated into lesson plans by teachers or used as is by students.

The views expressed on this site are mine and do in no way reflect those of the DoE and its agencies or Adobe Inc.

About me

I’m Gary Poulton and I recently retired from teaching Stage 6 Visual Art, Photography and Visual Design at Wyndham College. I am a practicing and exhibiting artist/photographer with works in collections at the Australian National Library, Menzies Library-Australian National University, Queensland State Library-Australian Library of Art-Collaborations, Art Gallery of NSW (see Traversare).

I am also one of approximately one hundred and twenty internationally identified K-12 Adobe Education Leaders, now AEL Emeritus. 

Recent Exhibitions | Awards 2010 – 2015

  • AddOn’ 2022, NSW
  • AddOn’ 2021, NSW
  • AddOn’ 2020, NSW
  • AddOn’ 2019, NSW
  • ‘AddOn’ 2018, Festival Hub, Paddington Town Hall, NSW
  • ‘AddOn’ 2017, NSW
  • AddOn’ 2016, NSW
  • IPhone Photography Awards 2015  ( 3 x Honourable mentions)
  • ‘AddOn’ 2015 | Depot 1 Gallery, Dank St, Waterloo, NSW
  • The Sketchbook Project 2015
  • IPhone Photography Awards 2014  ( 5 x Honourable mentions)
  • ‘AddOn’ 2014 | Depot 2 Gallery, Dank St, Waterloo, NSW
  • The Sketchbook Project 2014
  • Scope New York 2014
  • Treasures of the ANU Library | Menzies Library ANU Canberra 2013
  • ‘AddOn’ 2013 | Depot 2 Gallery, Dank St, Waterloo, NSW
  • Scope Miami | Miami USA 2013
  • Story of the Creative | New York 2013
  • Sketchbook Project Australia | VCA Melbourne 2013
  • ‘iPhone Photography Awards’ ( 2 x Honourable mentions) 2013
  • ‘Sketchbook Project‘ International Touring Exhibition 2012
  • ‘Art Takes Times Square’  | Times Square, New York 2012
  • ‘iPhone Photography Awards’ ( 3 x Honourable mentions) 2012
  • ‘AddOn’ | Mary Place Gallery, Paddington ( HeadOn Photo Festival) 2012
  • ‘iPhone Photography Awards’ ( Finalist in two categories) 2011
  • Napoli Film Festival “Video under Volcano” 2011
  • ‘Hipstamatics’  Orange Dot Gallery, London 2011
  • ‘Moran National Open Photographic Prize’ 2010 Semi Finalist
  • ‘NSW Plein Air Parliamentary Photography Prize’ 2010 Finalist

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