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New Content @ October 2013

Photography Channel

Adobe Camera Raw 8.2 in Photoshop CC (v14.1)

In this episode of The Complete Picture, Julieanne takes a close look at the feature enhancements and refinements made to the Crop tool, workflow settings, and batch saving capabilities in Adobe Camera Raw. In addition she also covers improvements made to the Spot Removal Tool, Noise Reduction, Local Adjustment Brush, and Histogram.

How to use Photoshop CC to Automatically Generate Web Graphics

In this episode of Adobe Creative Cloud TV, Terry White shows off the NEW Adobe Photoshop CC (14.1) Generator, which allows you to automatically create web graphics from your layered Photoshop Files. You can even generate an Edge Reflow project for responsive web design.

Lightroom and Photoshop photo workflow

Learn how Lightroom and Photoshop can work hand-in-hand to produce stunning images

New Content @ June 2013

Photography Channel

Russel Brown’s Top 5 Features in Photoshop CC

Check out Adobe Senior Creative Director Russell Brown’s favorite features in Photoshop CC.

Adobe Creative Cloud for Photographers

Check out all the ways to work with and enhance images in Creative Cloud, and see why it’s ideal for photographers.

Photoshop Creative Cloud Overview

Photoshop Product Manager, Zorana Gee, provides a quick overview of a handful of the exciting new features in Photoshop CC.

Re-imagine Reality

See how photographer and wildly imaginative retoucher Erik Johansson is using Creative Cloud to change the way we perceive reality

Camera Shake Reduction

Photoshop Product Manager Zorana Gee shows how you can save shots you thought were lost due to camera motion. Whether your blur was caused by slow shutter speed or a long focal length, Camera Shake Reduction analyzes its trajectory and helps restore sharpness..

New Content @ April 2013

Photography Channel

Lightroom 5.

Terry White gives a first look at Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 and shares his top 5 favorite features. Lightroom 5 is available as a Public Beta starting on the afternoon of 4-15-2013.

New Content @ February 2013

Photography Channel

Improved Auto Connections

Apply new and enhanced auto functionality in Brightness and Contrast, Levels, and Curves for easy adjustment of your images with terrific results. Intelligence from thousands of hand-retouched images is built in to give you a better starting point for making adjustments.

Adaptive Wide Angle for Stills and Video

Use this powerful new feature to adjust not only single still images, but to easily straighten and correct existing stitched panoramas as well.

New Content @ January 2013

Photography Channel

Julieanne’s Top 5 Features for Photographers in Photoshop 13.1

Learn Julieanne’s top 5 favorite features in Photoshop 13.1 including refinements to the Crop Tool, nondestructive editing with Blur Gallery and Liquify, increased efficiency with Conditional Actions, practical default Type Styles and support for Retina displays on Macintosh.

What’s New in Lightroom 4

In this series of 8 videos Digital Imaging Evangelist Julieanne Kost walks you through new features, workflows and enhancements in the latest release of Lightroom 4.

New Content @ !st Dec 2012

Photography ChannelExporting Images from Lightroom 4

In this Episode of The Complete Picture, Julieanne demonstrates the advantage of setting up presets in Lightroom to simultaneously export images to multiple file types, sizes, compression settings etc. You might find even find this method more powerful than Photoshop’s Image Processor!

The Difference Between “Edit in Photoshop” and “Open as Smart Object “

In this episode of The Complete Picture, Julieanne show you the difference between opening a raw file as a pixel based layer verses a Smart Object and the advantages of both approaches.

Adobe for AcademicsCreate a custom column graph

Use Illustrator to make a bar graph that is visually interesting and unique, for extra impact in your presentation, report, or publication.

Video and Audio ChannelOverview of the Action Bar toolkit

In this movie, Steve Grisetti explores the functionality of the Action bar in Premiere Elements 11. He goes through the different items located on the Action bar, including tTools and Graphics.

New Content @ 20th Nov 2012

Design Channel 

Creative Suite Podcast: Designers – How To Use The Pen Tool in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign CS6

In this episode of the Adobe Creative Suite Podcast Terry White shows how to use the Pen Tool to create Art, Frames and to trace images in Photoshop CS6. If you’ve never used the Pen Tool before, this is your video!

Photography Channel

The Complete Picture with Julieanne Kost – Creating Masks to Move Over Time in Photoshop CS6

In this Quick Tip, Julieanne reveals a technique to create a mask using the reflected gradient which can quickly be repositioned over time without retouching.

Video and Audio Channel

Discovering Adobe Story – Working with Shooting Scripts
As well as supporting multiple script format templates, Story can automatically convert your film scripts into shooting scripts, with room for camera angles.

Enterprise Channel

Adobe for Academics – Design an eye-catching conference poster
Get your peers talking at academic conferences. Use InDesign to create a poster that highlights your research and draws a crowd.

New Content @ 14th Nov 2012

Design Channel 

Creative Suite Podcast: Designers – How To Get Started with Adobe InDesign CS6 – 10 Things Beginners Want To Know How To Do
In this episode Terry will demonstrate 10 things beginners want to know how to do in Adobe InDesign CS6.

Photography Channel

The Complete Picture with Julieanne Kost – Masking Video for Special Effects in Photoshop CS6
In this episode of The Complete Picture, Julieanne demonstrates how to mask a video clip in Photoshop CS6 to reveal motion in a selective region of the clip over time.

Learn Photoshop CS6 – Making non-destructive transformations with Smart Objects
In this movie author Julieanne Kost explains how to convert your layers into Smart Objects and resize your layers in a non-destructive way.

Visual Design CS6 – Starting in Camera Raw instead of Photoshop
In this movie author Julieanne Kost explains the top five reasons why you should use Adobe Camera Raw to process your files instead of starting directly in Photoshop.